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Achievetex insists in superior quality, developed on very short term honesty quotation, on-time delivery, quick turnaround services and innovative designs. To provide the best services to apparel manufacturers and trading companies, we set up Achievetex in 1993, that is responsible for post finishing fabrics and value-added activities. we formed Aheadtex Trading Company in 1997 to address increasing customer needs and business expansion.
Main Product: Nylon, Poly, N/T complex, Eco-Friendly Fabrics.
Main Finish: Functional, Protective, High Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Lamination, Wicking, Water repellent, 2- Layer, 3-Layer, 2.5 Layer,3 .5 Layer fabrics
Major Markets: Europe, Australia, Japan, U.S.A., Asia, Hong Kong, China.